Instagram tactics 2020
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Instagram Tactics 2020

What do I mean by Instagram Tactics. Instagram’s algorithm is forever evolving, now more than ever it rewards page hosts who interact with their fans through messages & comments. We see a lot of people with start-up business’s who have feeds with chopped up & random pieces of content. Develop a keen eye as to what photos compliment each other when someone lands on your feed.

Here are the Instagram tactics for 2020;

1- Don’t pay for ghost likes, they don’t create a business. Generate Organic; don’t cheat the game or the game will cheat you. Ghost likes that you buy means your posting to an audience of yourself. (Put in the hard work)

2- People follow who is consistent with niche content. Post Niche content & stick to your style, this is more attractive to users. It means they can trust you to be consistent.

3- Post photos that compliment the other content in your feed. Build a feed that looks good, simple. When making a post, see how it fits with your feed.

4- If you are gymnast, write you are a gymnast on your bio. Your BIO name works like SEO for a website. Make it something that people search for.

5- For example, #marketing gets used a lot, use #marketingstrategies. Be smart about your hashtags & rotate them frequently. Don’t just copy + paste the same every time.

6- Instagram’s algorithm gives attention to people who are interactive, not spamming.

7- Find your own audience by interacting with people who have liked similar content to yours.

8- Write bigger captions and go into deep + meaningful content. This shows people your dedication to detail & develops trust. This means better engagement.

Overall, these are some some of the Instagram tactics for 2020, can be used to increase your existence in the www…

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