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Matt Furkan Kocer

Matt Furkan Kocer

What Is A Marketing Agency

In today’s world, it is well-known how vital is technology. Marketing professionals provide practical help to those companies that want to improve and have an effective digital marketing plan. For that reason, today we’ll share what a Marketing Agency or Marketing Firm is.

In 2020, global marketing was projected to reach $1.3 trillion, with digital marketing spend hitting $306 billion.

Many small and midsize businesses (SMBs) look marketing services to answer to the  question where to invest in marketing and maximize their campaigns’ return.

If you want to choose the best marketing agency partner, you need to understand what needs to be done and see real ROI for your company.

In this post, we’ll answer the question, “What is a marketing agency?” and give you some quick tips for choosing the best one for your business.

What Does A Marketing Agency Do?

First, let’s look at the definition:

Also called Marketing Firms or marketing companies, help clients implement and manage marketing strategies to achieve their business goals.

Here’s an overview of what a marketing agency will do for your business:

  • Identify valuable marketing strategies: Marketing agencies work with clients to pinpoint marketing strategies that will drive the best business results and maximize return on investment (ROI).
  • Implement marketing solutions: Marketing agencies execute and manage marketing campaigns for clients.
  • Evaluate marketing results: Marketing agencies monitor marketing efforts and use data to improve campaign results.

Now you have a big picture idea of the role of a marketing agency. But what’s the difference between a marketing agency and a marketing firm — and which should you choose?

The Difference Between A Marketing Firm vs. Marketing Agency

You may notice some companies brand themselves as “marketing firms” or “marketing agencies.”

While it may seem confusing, the terms “marketing firm” and “marketing agency” generally mean the same thing — a company working with clients to plan, create, and manage marketing campaigns. In this post, we’ll use the marketing terms interchangeably.

If marketing firms and agencies are essentially the same, how do you choose the best one?

Various types of agencies exist within the realm of marketing, each offering different marketing services. So, you’ll want to pick a marketing agency experienced in the specific marketing services you need.

Why Choose A Full-Service Marketing Agency?

Not sure what type of marketing agency is best for you?

Take a look at three benefits of a full-service marketing agency:

1.Streamline Your Campaign Management

A full-service marketing agency is a one-stop-shop for everything, from SEO to PPC, web design, social media marketing, and more.

When you work with a full-service agency like Kocer Media, you’ll get a dedicated account manager who interfaces with various teams. This streamlines communication — and you won’t have to worry about playing phone tag or corresponding with multiple agencies.

Full-service marketing agencies allow you to streamline your marketing to manage all your campaigns in one place easily.

2. Integrate Strategies For The Best Results

Full-service agencies are also helpful if you want to invest in multiple services.

With full-service agencies, you have access to experts in several marketing channels — and they bring their combined expertise to drive the best results for your business.

Also, full-service agencies help you remain agile. If a marketing strategy isn’t driving the results you want, they can quickly pivot and channel marketing spending to the tactics that get you the best ROI.

3. Save You Time And Money By Bundling Services

Working with a full-service agency can also save you time and money.

 Allow you to bundle services or offer discounts for investing in multiple services.

You’ll also save time by working with one team to manage numerous campaigns.

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